Our Story

In 2001, the Kaura Bros, Sumit and Manish Kaura had started a ladies wear shop in the suburb of Montreal. Quickly the operation morphed into 15 ladies wear shops throughout the province of Quebec.

In 2004, their family pet Tango, died and the Boys created a brand in the honor of this special canine. Tango Mango was born. The “mango” portion of the brand was added for their love of mangoes. The name had such a great vibe that clients instantly loved the brand!

The brand grew rapidly across Canada and in 2009 the Kaura Bros. expanded to the nearby US market. To manage such quick growth the family company introduced their wives to the trade. Isabelle (Manish’s wife) who had an HR role earlier in the company and Ruchi (Sumit’s wife) joined the company to help in operations.The US Market was very attractive and by 2012 the recipe was tested. Now the boys started planning a full expansion.

In March of 2020, the Covid-19 Era began, bringing the Fashion industry in the world to a halt. On March 25th Isabelle exclaimed “We must produce masks! They are much needed and will remain a way of life”. They then developed a fashion-pollution mask line including one made of special fibers having an antimicrobial effect.

Technology was key in order to successfully move forward with the project and sell online. Manish decided to contact a new friend, Jesse Reginelli (a Montreal web developer & internet marketer) at ExatechMedia whom he had met a few months prior to increase organic traffic on the TangoMango website. The synergy between the two companies was instant. Protectotex and Tango Mango decided to join forces with ExatechMedia for the design and development of an optimized eCommerce website to promote and process the face masks online orders.

Protectotex and Tango Mango care for your health. We proudly present you masks that fashionably protect you and your family.

The rest is history!